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OTT (Over The Top) Gateway

OTT Gateway is based on 3G / 4G Service Pack enabled connections. It offers unique capabilities of send 1,000 characters long text messages, images, videos, web and mobile applications. Visit Service Pack

SS7(Signaling System 7) Gateway

Architecture for performing out-of-band signaling in support of routing, and information-exchange functions generally used for international SMS termination. Limited to 160 characters text message.

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) Gateway

Protocol used for exchanging SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) of different networks. Limited to 160 characters text message.

Global Reach

SmartLync is connected to mobile carriers around the world so you can send SMS to users on more than 1,000 carriers. There is no need to maintain multiple carrier relationships and connections to get Global coverage. Just send us your message and we will deliver it.

Simple and Effective Software

SMS Marketing, customer managment and its super simple to keep your customer intact with your brand and services. Use our amazingly simple software to take control of your own business.

Short Codes and Long Codes

When you need high-throughput messaging, buy a short code and send SMS at rates up to 30 messages per second. Because your texts are coming from a single number or masked with your brand name, customers will instantly remember your brand.


Our vision, mission is to build efficient cloud support infrastructure and empower entrepreneurs by providing low capital expense solutions


Our vision has always been to tear down barriers to entry so that any developer can innovate and companies could go global from day 1 – without having to worry about regulation, compliance, latency and deliverability. Today, we’re pleased to say that these barriers to entry are at rock bottom.

Supporting Success

We have always known that, despite our APIs doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, it takes a human touch to really drive home success. After all, glitches happen. Discover why we approach support the way we do.

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